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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Pajama Day

I am just a little obsessed, perfect for a pajama day.


Today’s Inspiration: Wee Knit Pumpkins

Today chatting with my Twitter friends and blog surfing I came across this adorable pattern that made me want to go home instantly and start knitting.

Wee Knit Pumpkins!

Please read the darling Cheeky Attitude blog and look at her pattern for Wee Knit Pumpkins.


Tonight I am going to rummage through my yarn stash and pray that I have some orange yarn.

The Thanksgiving table is going to be awfully cute this year!

Thanks, Miss Cheeky!

Embroidery Sampler

A few weeks ago I took a class from Princess Animal on how to embroider, what a fun night!

We met our amazing instructor, Rebecca Ringquist, and started a sampler using various cotton floss and perle cottons.

When I was 8 or so, my Granny taught me how to embroider, knit, crochet and crewel, but after she passed away I didn’t really have the heart to go on. In the early 90’s I started needlepointing and really loved it, but over the past few years I have been knitting steadily.

A gal needs a change, and like changing one’s hair color I needed something different and had been thinking about embroidery. I started buying little patterns and iron-on designs but could not really remember how to make a French knot or do a pretty satin stitch.

Voila! Princess Animal’s class was perfectly timed!

Here is the sampler we started with and what I learned to do that night.

embroidery collage1

After nailing the maneuvors for the French knot and the backwards stitch, we progressed to the chain stitch and the buillon stitch. Ta Da!

I think Granny would be proud.

Here is where I am after today’s lunch hour.


I also purchased a few other samplers from Rebecca from her Etsy store and her blog Drop Cloth.  The cake sampler is really cute and I am looking forward to picking out perle cotton colors for it.


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