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Fear the Beard

I work for a great firm and the preponderance of the staff are young men. After a particularly grueling project spanning many months the team had a wrap-up meeting where apparently some great wine was consumed and manly challenges were issued.

I can grow a beard better than you!

Oh yeah? Mine will be fuller!

You get the general idea…

A Managerial email was issued late that night:

Various members of the (redacted) team who shall remain anonymous (but include various levels) have challenged the office to a holiday beard growing contest. Growth begins tomorrow with judging to conclude at the office party on 12/16. Awards for both length and style.

Appropriate client presentation must be adhered to to compete. Please don’t go to a client meeting looking like a mountain person.

There’s been lots of boosting from members of the (redacted) team. Best of luck to all. May the razors have a happy holiday break.

Several staff replied to this notification:

I assume women get to participate as well. This is San Francisco after all. ; )
—– (from the female Director of Marketing)

Movember has passed… Decembeard, perhaps?
—– (from a female team member)

Hilarity ensued. And a distinct general scruffiness of appearance in the male facade has been observed this past two weeks.

It also sparked a memory of some clever gal on Twitter posting pictures of knitted beards they had made for our 2010 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants in honor of Brian Wilson who started the Fear the Beard craze in the team and throughout the country.

The hunt was on for a suitable beard pattern, and I found one and started churning out beards.

The party is tomorrow, I hope we girls win! Haha!

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