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Tink Tink Tink

I started a new sock using the Knit Sock Love book mOm gave me two Christmases ago. The Wedge patten looked like so much fun and I breezed through sock #1. All was going so well!

So well, that is, until I messed up grafting the short row toe onto the foot. What should have been the easiest step resulted in my having to spend two days ripping out the graft, putting this non-plied yarn back on the needles, on size 0 needles (!!) and laboriously unknitting back the toe and who knows how much of the foot.

Lord Kitchener, I hate you sometimes*.

(*Lord Kitchener created a seamless pattern for grafting the toes of socks for the war effort in WWI

I love this yarn but not to to tink it (knit = knit backwards). This yarn is like knitting with roving, it is sticky and grabs onto the next stitch with a bulldog tenacity and it’s hard to put the stitch on the needle cleanly. When I was ripping out the blasted graft quite a few of the wrapped stitches got messed up, so the only thing to do is go backwards until I have a nice clean row, and then do it over correctly.

So, my second night in a row, I’m sitting Indian style on the floor by a lamp, tink tink tink!


It’s going to be a beautiful pair of socks though!

I am trying to feel zen and embody patience. Doing this is much easier than coordinating the move of my office in under two weeks!! I may not be able to lift more than 5 pounds but I can do this and it helps clear my mind.


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