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Finished Objects: Wedge Socks

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It took a bit longer than I expected but the cookie a Wedge socks are done!


They are so soft and plushy and I love the way the Jarwol Magic Stripe yarn does its magic. The colors shift like light through deep water, shades of emerald and sapphire shimmer through onyx stripes.

The pattern was certainly the most different from anything I has ever attempted. Bands of short row garter stitch interspersed with sections of stockinette make interesting stripes of different texture, sculptural and yet very comfortable when worn. This pattern is from the Knit, Sock, Love book mOm gave me for our last Christmas together in 2010. It’s such a wonderful book and great fun to finally make one of its innovative patterns.

I took them to my knitting group tonight to show them off a bit, they enjoyed the spotlight and posed for a few photos.


Tomorrow is their debut on my feet, or rather foot, as I am wearing only one sock with my gigantor air cast boot. But what a luxury to wear against the skin, ultra soft merino wool in glowing jewel colors.

Happy feet!

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  1. Barbara Small

    Simply Gorgeous! I can just barely feel them on my feet!


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