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Rainbow Bridge Scarf Update

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I am cranking along on my rainbow Kauni Wingspan scarf!

Just a few days ago it was just a mere baby with a few rows cast on.


The next day, a nap-free day mind you, it had quickly grown in my hands with barely any effort. The changing colors are such a pleasure to watch from shade to shade.


Today I am working on the 7th triangle in the pattern and I have gone through the entire spectrum.


I hope to finish this tonight or tomorrow but I am watching Gene Wilder’s “Haunted Honeymoon” and it’s so funny I keep forgetting what I’m doing!

In other happy news my extra ball of Kauni yarn arrived in the grey/black colorway and I have an exciting yet simple (brainfree) shawl I am going to start next. I am very pleased to be able to find knitting projects that can keep me occupied while I am healing and in the “bear of very small brain” phase.

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