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When Inspiration Strikes – Weekend Knitting

I have been having a lovely afternoon, knitting my First Möbius Shawl in a pretty Malabrigo yarn called Arroyo in the color “Glitter”, which reminds me of the fall colors of leaves and, coincidentally enough, the arroyo behind my friend’s house in Santa Fe.

I brewed some floral and delicate white tea and started watching Agatha Christie movies, and have been trying to stay warm during our sudden cold snap.

While knitting and dreaming of a vacation in Barbados like Miss Marple in a Caribbean Mystery, I realized the fluffy pink knitting project that Miss Marple was working on while talking to the soon to be murdered Major Palgrave, the film actually flashed the pattern on the screen!

I started doing a little research and found lots of knitters had noticed this same thing and that they had industriously researched and located the pattern. Isn’t that quite marvelous?

I plan to send away for the booklet called Bairnswear, Booklet #107, “Babies’ Cardigans” 1 to 2 years. A bairn, for those of you who don’t have Scottish heritage, is a charming name for a child. The booklet has four patterns in it, including the famed Dumpling Diddle. Now I need to research what a dumpling diddle means!

I do love how a pleasant (and dull-seeming to some) weekend activity can result in such a fun discovery.

Funnily enough, yesterday I was having a trying day, a tiring and painful walk to run an errand that proved mostly fruitless, and I returned home chilled and grumpy. I found I had a note from a dear family friend in the mail, and opened it to find an article she sent about how knitting and other crafts actually do more than make us happy, the activity calms the mind and the body and reduces stress and anxiety. It was such fortuitous timing to receive this little missive. I started knitting with this Malabrigo and started to feel better in a few minutes. It changed the tone of my entire day and made me feel happy that I had a weekend all to myself to just do as I please: knit, nap, watch movies and make simple meals.

I still wish I could go on a long vacation to somewhere pretty like the plantation in Barbados, but curled up on my Victorian settee “Vicky” by the radiator, wrapped in down and faux mink will just have to do.

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