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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Socks for Comfort

It’s just past Christmas and I’m up in the Gold Country visiting my parents for a very quiet holiday. The rain has been off and on, cloudy skies, chilled valley fog and bone-chilling cold have been outside the nicely double-paned windows.

Inside, I have been making pot after pot of hot soup and the teapot has been very busy. Right now we finished off the chicken soup for lunch, filled the bird feeders, and the duck stock from the Boxing Day roast duck is simmering away.

I retired to my favorite orange chair in the family room to work on the second sock out of Zauberball Crazy yarn in blues and purples while my stepdad snoozes over his newspaper.


Wishing you and your family a very Happy and especially healthy New Year!

A Sudden Halt

Sometimes life throws you a curveball, sometimes that curveball is the size of Texas. Right before Thanksgiving I found out that my wonderful stepfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This is the most cruel and horrible disease. It came on very quickly, and seems to be progressing also very quickly.

I pretty much dropped everything, got an okay from the physical therapist to drive a car and drove up to the foothills to see my family. It was such a shock.

It was my mother’s birthday and I tidied up a bit and cooked them a nice dinner. I got to see firsthand how rapidly this disease that erases many parts of my stepfather. I stayed there for five days and cried myself to sleep every night. I marveled at the courage of my mother who is an incredible woman. She is really shown me the true meaning of love. They got married when I was 18 and he’s been the best thing that’s happened to our family.

I brought things to knit up there, but I didn’t even open that part of my suitcase. I just cleaned the house, did other chores and just let my mom get some rest.

I still don’t feel like knitting but Christmas is coming, and I have a deadline for my sample knitting. Yesterday I cast on again the Mobius scarf and restarted that just to keep my mind off the sad feelings in my heart, It really does help a little.

I talk with my mom almost every day, and things are moving along for her as she tries to get her network of support care set up and I am doing what I can from here to help. I hope to get time off work to go visit them for Christmas, and find a way to get up there since I can’t afford to rent a car again.

We are going to focus on doing things one day at a time, enjoying the good moments, enduring the bad and just keep carrying on.

(Me and my stepdad, before breakfast, being silly)

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