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Sunday Mornings

Peaceful Sunday mornings….


…don’t get any better than this. A huge cappuccino, my Crazy Zauberball sock and Good Neighbors on the iPad.

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All about edibles and imbibing, The Inadvertent Redhead, Dinners at Anna's, whiskey, bacon, and foie lover.

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    • The 2-ply of the colors is so cool and I like how well the yarn wears. I don’t like how they’re wound up though! Luckily I have mad skills when it comes to untangling yarn.

  1. Got to love the sauberballs, although I don’t think I’ve seen that one before! I’m looking forward to an imminent project of making some socks out of the ends of all the different sauberballs I’ve used in the last year or so!

    • What a great idea, I can’t wait to see that. Are we friends on Ravelry? I’m HeatherinSF there.

      • I’ll have to look out for you. I’m Pictfamily like here, but I haven’t really got the hang of ravelry, other than dreaming of patterns to knit!

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