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Make Your Own Market Bags

Suddenly bored with my möbius cowl and not interested in knitting socks just now, I remembered I have long wanted to knit myself a market bag.

Years ago I made a bunch of these Monteagle Bags  by Ann Hahn Buechner after reading about them in a blog in 2008 but I never got around to making one for me.

The yarn is a lovely Egyptian plant cotton (or papyrus) yarn from our local treasure, Artfibers, called Kite. It’s very sturdy and yet soft to the touch. This is important as you don’t want your precious vegetables to be scratched up by hard fibers or an uncomfortable strap digging into your shoulder.



I knit and try to think about something else. I am worried about my family, I’m worried about my upcoming test results, I’m worried about work and about everything, life feels quite upsetting. Knitting stitches that look like macramé requires concentration. It does help to focus on these finicky stitches. I breathe and relax and watch the funky stitches form under my hands.

Sitting at my kitchen table sipping Cafe du Monde cafe au lait and watching some wonderful British cooking shows with one eye on the screen is quite the pleasant and low key afternoon. I’m too sunburned from my day in the sun yesterday to go out so with the window open and the lovely warm breeze coming in off the fire escape I am quite happy with my perch up in the Roost.

I finished this bag and used it at the market Saturday. It was a gorgeous foggy then sunny day and my bag was fantastic.


I should have taken a picture of it laden with all the vegetables I bought that day, it swelled and stretched and yet kept everything in great shape and it was comfortable and stylish.

In hindsight I will add more rows of the lower row of tighter stitches, perhaps triple what the pattern calls for, to allow for smaller objects to stay tucked in more securely during shopping.    I made some pattern notes on my project page on Ravelry about the bottom and cast on and my pattern modifications.   Perhaps I should cast on another bag!

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