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Knitting Interrupted

I haven’t been writing or knitting much in the past few weeks. A most random and alarming incident of illness has waylaid me yet again, this time it is pertussis or whooping cough.

After 7 days of quarantine and 12 days in bed I received a most kindly invitation to join friends for lunch. My friend, in a medical field, advised a bit of fresh air and sunshine would do me good and she was right.

The highlight of the day, besides dear friends, sunshine and a tiny tot of champagne with an ocean view, was her belated birthday gift to me – a knitting book – Knit Your Own Cat.

It is such a funny book with patterns for a variety of cat breeds in either a standing, sitting or lying pose. We had a good giggle over it and the day cheered me up immensely.

I’m trying to read it as I’m back tucked up in bed with 27 pillows. I must sleep and rest sitting up now, when I can rest. There’s no treatment for pertussis other than palliative care. Antibiotics killed the bacteria off and stopped the contagion but drugs don’t stop the damage the bacteria causes the lungs. I have quite a few more weeks ahead before I reach the convalescent phase.

Knitting isn’t even possible now because I’m too exhausted but I have this fun book to read and my Kauni cardigan on the bed next to me. The bright colors cheer me up and just hugging the yarn makes me feel a bit better.

Here’s to better days….

A note, pertussis is very contagious and I got it after heavy exposure despite being vaccinated last year. The vaccine only lasts 3-10 years and only offers 80% protection. Many foolish parents don’t believe in vaccinating at all and sone celebrities like Jenhy McCarthy are helping to spread this stupidity. However other celebrities such as Sarah Michelle Geller (Buffy!) are trying to combat this ignorance. She is working with The March Of Dimes on an awareness and vaccination campaign for families to protect their children against pertussis, The Breathing Room .

Pertussis can be deadly to infants and small children and just knowing how wretched I have been faring helps me understand why little ones can’t survive it.

Here is another informative site about pertussis: CDC’s site on pertussis

Please consider getting another vaccination for yourself and your family and circle of friends. Here in the US pertussis is devastating towns in Texas and California and air travel helps expose many people than ever.

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  1. Ive had some good experience with homoeopathic treatment for pertussis, both in the contagious and convalescent stages, so if there is a recommended practitioner nearby you might like to try that. Certainly a nasty illness – get well soon!

    • Thank you Chris. I’ve been getting a lot of advice from my doctor and also my TCM doctor. Hope to get some acupuncture soon.


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