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A Hopefully Happier New Year

It’s tough to celebrate a new year when you have lost a loved one. In my other blog, Heather in SF, I shared what happened. My dear mom came to visit in SF for the holidays and it has been a gift to be together.

But before that, while staying with my friend D___ during my convalescence from pertussis, I started to feel better and had an outing with E___ and went to the Interweave Knitlab conference in San Mateo for a day and we learned how to do knitted embellishments from Annie Modesitt. I managed not to have a coughing spasm in class, which was a huge thing.


Knitting with straight needles

Bobbles swatch, 5 stitches

Cables without a cable needle

Annie Modesitt embellishment class

When I heard the sad news it was especially awful because I wasn’t well enough to travel. I couldn’t help my mom with anything except call her every day and just offer love and hugs and organizational support from 200 miles away. What helped me a bit was to knit, it’s normal activity for me and calming. It felt good to try a bit and yarn is absorbent when the tears just flow.

When I felt up to it again I retrieved one of my purchases from the Knitlab Marketplace from its lockdown facility in my luggage (cat free zone) and made a little scarf for a friend who is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Scarf for Mary, complete

It is the beautiful Kle Shawlette by Paula Pereira, using a claret ombre Freia yarn from Tina Whitmore. It was the perfect soft spot of vivid color to brighten up tough days. She loved it and I bet it looked great with her platinum blond wig or the deep auburn wig.

Another really pretty yarn I scored at Knitlab was also from Tina Whitmore, the ombre Freia laceweight in Grapevine. It morphs from acid Thompson green-grape to a grapevine bark brown to a deep purple Vanessa-red grape hue.

My treat from Knitwhits, such pretty colors!

I decided to finally cast on the Swiss Cheese Scarf with this yarn and I am still working on it, I’m in the purples now.

Swiss Cheese Scarf - progress

I have lost interest in knitting again, because I cut off a large piece of my finger pad last weekend. It is tricky to knit holding out your index finger with an ET head bandage, doable but so tiring and clumsy.

ET finger

Trust me when I say it’s hard to type without your index finger. It will be fine, happily, bandages off in a week! Then I can start the Event Horizon Pi Shawl by Donna Druchanas. She’s having a knitalong on Ravelry and I bought the Grey Matter colorway, which I have retitled the Foggy Grey Matterin honor of our San Francisco fogbank.

Hope you have a happier new year and have lots of fun knitting planned.

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