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Socks for Cats

While staying with my dear friend D___ during the acute phase of pertussis, mostly to make sure I didn’t die during the night alone, I wasn’t up for much as I said in my last post.  But life tries to strive for normalcy and I had time on my hands and I was taking a lot of narcotic cough medicine, some of it, in fact, is the kind some poor people try to buy illegally.

Well, I was feeling pretty goofy most of the time, when I was awake, so I made some mini sweaters using leftover sock yarn as a gift for a friend visiting from Seattle and for my mom’s birthday.


The cats were very interested in “helping” so we had a little dress up moment.

Mini / Cat

Mini / Cat

Mini / Cat

I got a crazy thought and made up a pair of socks from yarn leftover from the scarf for D___’s cats! I know, I know, cats don’t wear socks or tolerate such shenigans very well but D___’s cats are really sweet and used to little people running around so, why not, I thought.

Laughing causes me to have a huge coughing paroxysm fits but it was totally worth it.  I had to stop for a while because I was laughing too much.

Cat socks....

I had to fiddle with my mini sock pattern to get them to fit the cat. They were tolerant but questioning what we were doing.

Sniff the sock.

Cat with Socks - Series

Maybe it’s okay?

Cat with Socks - Series

First the hind feet.

Cat with Socks - Series

What is going on here?

Cat with Socks - Series

Now the front feet.

Cat with Socks - Series

Cat with Socks - Series

That’s not so bad.

Cat with Socks - Series

Then both?

Cat with Socks - Series

Cat with Socks - Series

And let’s not forget the other cat!

One second later and they’re off with a quick paw-shake!

I know it is truly wrong and yet it was so very funny!

No cats were harmed in the making of this post, all cats were truly loved and petted and got extra stinky cat food after the sock fitting.  I promise.

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