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I’m feeling a lot of stress these days from work, who knows why, so tonight after a nice chat with my mum, I found I did have a bottle of wine after all, poured a glass and turned on the Big Bang Theory.

Next to my big Martha Washington chair I have baskets with my knitting and other craft projects, and when looking down I saw my long neglected embroidery sampler from Drop Cloth.


Wine, chicharonnes, and embroidery – a new solution to anxiety. All I have to do is finish the black border, then I can block and frame it.

I also joined an embroidery pattern of the month club from Studio MME, thanks to my little sister L___, the designs are so cute! I had to buy this one immediately, as I have a deep affinity for foxes. But before I can start the foxes I must finish this pretty sampler.


After a slug of wine I start in. There is something inherently relaxing about the gentle sound of the needle punching through the fabric, the hiss of the perle cotton sliding through and the magic of seeing the pattern and colors grow underneath my fingers. A half a glass of wine later, I am done.


I feel better already.

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  1. Yay!!! I’m so happy to have you in the club. You picked one of my favorites to start with too. I have to admit that I’m absolutely in awe of your skills!

    • Thank you so much, Megan! Wow, that made my week, you’re so kind. I can’t wait to start in on your beautiful design.


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