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The Anklebone is Connected to the Wristbone

The Anklebone is Connected to the Wristbone

I have been waiting months for this, my ankle is doing well in physical therapy which means I can use crutches! I’m bipedal again! I have been able to walk around at home and a little at work using crutches, finally, with partial weight bearing.

The other side to this is that using crutches is killing my shoulders, forearms, wrists and hands. It’s all kind of bad. Any kind of crafting is just not possible and my handwriting is become like the finest doctors, completely scrawly!

I’m eyeing my projects and just hanging out with them, happily. I know I can work on them again, someday soon, and in the meantime I pet them and admire how they look and feel.

  • A bias möbius cowl in palest lavender kid mohair. It’s so soft and fluffy and ethereal.
  • The Kauni cardigan. By all that is yarny I will finish the sleeves before Christmas!!!
  • a baby dress for a coworker, it’s a little dress but she was born in June so I think I will have to make a new project for her, and save this for some other lucky wee girl.
  • The Scottish Thistle shawl in Kauni. I made a good start but the color stranding isn’t quite right so I’m going to frog it and start over. I do realize that this is a perfection issue!
  • A Zephyr Cove shawl in deep purple, vineyard hued sock yarn, I’m very close to starting the lace border, this was a delightful thing to knit.
  • The Happy Crochet blanket, I’ve made 34 out of 600 squares. It’s delightful and it does making me happy.

    I need buttons!

    I finished the solid purple yarn and have half a ball left of the multi, so pretty.

    Aren’t they adorable?

    The center of the granny square looks remarkably like spray cheese, does it not? And no questions about spray cheese. It’s dairy. I need this for my ankle. Heh.

    I almost forgot about this last one:

  • The neverending Viajante! In Malabrigo lace, I have a skein to go for this shawl/poncho.
  • IMG_5821.JPG
    The Vaj)

    Me and the Vaj in the sun!

    Here’s to the path of healing! Hopefully the MRI I get tomorrow shows improvement, next week I will know my fate. It had better be improved or it’s back under the knife. Wish me luck!

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