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Feel Good Knitting – Knitting for Charity

There is nothing better than showering knitted love on people who really need a dose of love in their lives.

Through my Twitter friends I heard of Gabe.  He’s a darling boy of all of four years and was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.  My “tweep” J___ is gathering knitted squares for a quilt for Gabe.  When I read this I just knew I had to send her a square.

A square for Gabe's Quilt

I used leftover Crazy Zauberball sock yarn and the quilt is being made using the Barn Raising Quilt pattern.  I hope this little square helps ease Gabe’s suffering and I hope the funds raised help his family.  Here is his family’s Facebook page.  He’s an adorable little boy and I send him and his family all best wishes and strength to beat this cancer.

If you feel you can spare something, donations to the family can be made via PayPal to Prayersforgabe (at) yahoo (dot) com

Then, I heard that one of J___’s friends is expecting a baby in September, but when her friends shared their joyful news they started receiving hate from family and their community.  Why would such great news evoke such hate?  Because her friend is gay.

Can you imagine?  A loving couple happily sharing news that is the highlight of their life and the reaction is one of hate and recrimination.  J___ said she was going to knit this baby girl “everything” and I felt moved to ask if I could knit her something too.

Here’s my little bit of knitted love for this little girl, the Wave Jumper, I call it the Cherry Blossom Wave Jumper because this yarn reminds me of the Cherry Blossom Festival we just had here in San Francisco.  Sadly I lost the ball band to this yarn, but it sure is gorgeous wool superwash sock yarn.

Wave baby dress

If anyone recognizes this yarn, please tell me, I would love to get some more.

Does anyone recognize this sock yarn? I lost the ball band. It's gorgeous!

Many years ago one of my recipe swap friends had a brain aneurysm and because of the surgery lost her gorgeous long blond hair.  I offered to knit her friend a hat, the Selbu Modern in Shelridge Farms yarn.  Years later her friend found out I was the one who had made the hat, which she loved, and now we too are lovely close friends ourselves.  We still haven’t met but we chat online many times a week and knowing her has added so much to my life.

Catherine's hat
This year I planned to focus on knitting things just for me, but then I realized just how happy it made me to knit these few little things for people who need love, even if I have never met them.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?

The Ease of Distraction

Spring has arrived in San Francisco. As I sit in the sun at a roof garden next to my namesake blooms, the sun kneads my shoulders with warm fingers and I tune out the sound of the city on the streets below.  The sky is soft blue and I gave away at the high rises around me.

Vitamin D break. Ahhhh....


I am breathing deeply and knitting a sock and admiring my jewelry flashing in the sun.

Knitting provides the ease of distraction of a busy day. My mind wanders as my fingers create perfect tiny stitches, a sock for foggy nights grows in my hands.

In my purse is a warm scarf for later tonight, but for now the sun and knitting is lulling my nerves and filling me with peace.


Crazy Sock Love


I love love love this sock!

The yarn is pleasantly wooly and springy under my hands, the colors are a zing of life under this rainy sky.


Sock Number 2 is underway, I’m racing to see if I can turn the heel by half-time of the 49ers game.

Go Niners!!

Status Update: Brain Hat & Crazy Winter Socks

I have been working every day to add a row to my Sky Scarf and the weather is cooperating nicely by being different every day. As soon as there is enough fabric to look interesting I’ll share another picture.

The Brain Hat is well underway – isn’t it amazing that this mess will become a hat some day?


But after weekend of applying myself it is starting to shape up.


The brim of the hat is a 1 by 1 ribbing then it’s folded over and the cast on edge is added to the live stitches – its sort of miraculous how if works out but it looks nice and will be comfortable on the head. After the hat is done then I start the fun part of knitting i-cord which will represent the nooks and crannies of the brain.

I hate these knitting needles though. My usual size 2 needles are malingering on my neglected Kauni cardigan so the only thing I could find in my needle basket was Prym circular needles with a 29″ inch cable of pure hell. No matter what I do the cables will not relax. Yelling, “Just RELAX!!!!” is not helping but I do it anyway. It makes what should be an easy peasy project into wrangling cobras.

I’ve got a headache that won’t quit and my brain hurts so it’s time for a brain break. To distract myself I started a new sock for myself. Selfish knitting!

Truthfully most of my socks have holes in the heels or need an entire new sole repaired and with this dreary, foggy weather it just seems like no fun. So I pulled out a crazy colored ball of yarn and found my size 0 needles and away I went!

(the Crazy Zauberball by Schoppel, made from kleiner Fuchs 75%, Schurwolle sw filzfrei 25%, Polyamid crazy outfit. Crazy outfit? )

This yarn is stern stuff, very woolly feeling, not elastic, more like hiking sock yarn but I adore the colors. The bright red mixed with lime green in a two-ply is like color therapy against our dirty marshmallow weather.

My favorite sock pattern is the Simple Sock by Cat Bordi and uses two circular needles. Thanks to my pal Elaine I’ve been obsessed with socks ever since she gifted me with this book in 2006.

The first few rows are the hardest but after that it’s a breeze.


There is something really soothing about knitting a simple sock. The quick round and round of 30 stitches on each needle, the brainless 2 by 2 rib forming a little skirt of fabric under my fingers, the anticipation of the color changes of the yarn and the purring cat sitting across one of feet, half under my chair. A cup of tea by my side and a classic French Resistance versus the evil Nazis on television makes for a relaxing afternoon.

If only this migraine would ease up. I blame the storm that is coming this afternoon. Time for more tea.

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