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Finished Objects – Embroidery Sampler

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I had time to sit and relax, what a pleasant change for this fall!

While I was relaxing and chatting with my family I picked up the lovely embroidery sampler by Rebecca Ringquist I started in October.

Et, voila!

And more of the detail:


The last finished area was stitched in variegated blue perle cotton using bullion stitches.


The little wheels were fun to make.


The section outlined in orange was my favorite part to stitch.

This was a fun project and I am looking forward to buying some more perle cotton for my next sampler!

Knitter’s Market Tonight!

Tonight I am going to the Knitter’s Market at the Interweave Knitting Lab 2011 and I am terrifically excited!

Interweave Knit Lab offers some amazing classes this year but the price was too steep for me to enroll.  I consoled myself with the news that the Knitter’s Market is open to the public, so after work my dear friend E___ are hitting the road.

Last night I had a major dilemma: order my favorite Angry Korean chicken wings and cheddar scallion bacon biscuits or save my money by scrounging in the kitchen for dinner to have more funds to shop tonight. After much dithering I made the supreme sacrifice and favored fiber over food. I just wanted you all to know that I gave up bacon for shopping tonight. Bacon!

Because I am the type to make lists for everything, here are my goals for the Market tonight:

  • Yarn for a Clapoutis KAL some Twitter friends and I are organizing in January, pattern here (as if you don’t already know about the infamous Clapoutis).   Last year I bought some beautiful flash dyed sock yarn to make a Clapoutis and realized that each skein was just too different in the colorway to successfully incorporate it into a single shawl, dangit!
  • Yarn for the Canyon Skirt in a dark color like charcoal grey to match the gorgeous Be Sweet beaded mohair African ball I found at Princess Animal last month.  Besides the soft, fuzzy cobweb mohair yarn there is a mohair boucle yarn,  a delicate strand of sliver and beautiful cream, silver lined clear and hematite beads.  The Canyon Skirt pattern uses this yarn along the hem, doesn’t that sound like fun?  I envision wearing this skirt year-round, from flats and heels in the summer to boots in the fall, like right now. I want to start it right now!


  • More cobweb mohair Alchemy Haiku yarn to recreate my beautiful Sunset Spiral scarf.  Tragically this scarf was destroyed during an unfortunate severe maintenance issue in my apartment building that I don’t want to talk about.  Needless to say, the scarf was beautiful and I want it back so I am going to recreate it!  It was made from one skein of the Haiku and I could wrap it around my neck about 4 times or double it as a mid-waist length, or tripled for a collar-length trim of fuzziness.
Sunset spiral scarfSunset spiral scarfSunset spiral scarf
(sorry these pictures are crap, they were taken using my old camera phone)

In addition to fiber fun E___ and I are going to hit up one of our favorite ramen places after shopping.  Ramen!! Tonight is going to be a good time.

If you want to join our Clapoutis KAL just let me know here in the comments or ping me on Twitter @HeatherHAL

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