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Bacon Makes Everything Better

Bacon makes everything better. Bacon yarn definitely makes socks better.

I am just smitten with my newest socks knitted using the Holiday Yarns bacon colorway and Knitty’s Skew pattern.

Bacon socks

Aren’t they just so tasty?

It makes me smile every time I look at them, and it heightens my almost constant craving for a slice of bacon.

I have one more skein of bacon yarn to knit up, for my Bacon Queen friend! If you have any sock “recipe” suggestions I would love to hear what you think would maximize the design of this yarn.

Finished Objects: Byzantine Twisted Socks


It has been quite a while since I finished these socks and I have been wearing them a lot. The yarn from Freia Handpaint Fibers is so soft and lovely I just never want to take them off.

Interestingly enough I chatted with Tina Whitmore about this yarn and she told me a horrific tale about how the dyeing of this particular yarn and how it produced such toxic fumes that she became very ill. Obviously the health of the yarn producer or any worker is critically important and she will not be using these dyes ever again.

Freia Flux socks

Meantime I will wear them with joy and apologize mentally to Tina for her suffering each time.

Byzantine Twisted Socks

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I finished my Wedge socks (photos soon) and was so excited to immediately cast on a new pair using the divine Knitwhits Freia Flux sock yarn.

The colorway is Byzantine, isn’t it pretty?



The colors begin with a rich cocoa brown that morphs to spring green, then to loden, to purple, to raspberry, to rust, to mauve, to periwinkle then back to cocoa.

One of my many things I love about this yarn is the subtle and lovely way Tina Whitmore transitions her colors, and then there is the exceptional softness of the wool, like baby lambs ears.

I am rushing as quickly as I can from color to color and the speedy pattern of Twisted by Jodie Gordon Lucas makes this a brainless pleasure. This pattern is one of my favorites when I can’t handle a complicated lace design.

I hope to show you a finished sock soon!

What sock pattern is your go-to??

Iced Citron Shawl

Many years ago my mOm treated me to some gorgeous ice blue kid mohair yarn by Sublime.


I had been working on a very pretty ruffled sweater in a soft mushroom color in Sublime mohair and mOm fell in love with a lacey shawl in the pattern book. I promised to make it for her for Christmas.


It was a pretty simple pattern, only a four row repeat but I tried over and over and over and kept making mistakes.  I was beginning to think it was evil.  How could I not make this work?

You know when you see a flaw in something and it keeps bothering you? I guess I am a perfectionist in some ways, particularly when it comes to artistic endeavors. I put so much pressure on myself to do things well, so well in fact sometimes I am afraid of even starting a project in the fear that it won’t be, you know, perfect.

This shawl became one of my nemeses. I won’t even get started with the Rainbow Kauni cardigan, that is a tale for another day. It’s quite difficult to frog mohair, especially this Sublime yarn, but I had to do it. I unknitted this shawl about five times and this last Fall I gave the pattern another try.   It was still evil.

Knitting after my shoulder surgery was really challenging and I had so many lovely projects started for Christmas and birthday gifts and no more money to buy alternatives so I just had to get going with the requisite stuff upper lip.

About 5 rows in I realized I messed up again and began the arduous task of tinking this sticky fuzzy mohair again. (Evil, evil, evil!)   Did I mention that I started this in 2007?

Then I had a completely liberated thought, I could just make something else.


Sometimes it’s okay to stop banging my head against a boulder, it’s okay to just try something else. I knew mOm would love whatever I created for her (I hoped) because every gift I make is knitted with love, care and more love, right?

I hopped on Ravelry and found a very pretty shawl by Knitty, the Citron Shawl, and it was perfect!

I had to do a bit of adapting for this yarn but it literally flew off my needles, it was so easy to make, it was soft and fluffy and girly and just perfect for my pretty mommy.


It took me a while to finish, well past Christmas, but I wrapped it up in heavy silver tissue and a satin ribbon along with a few other treats, dropped it in the mail and held my breath.


Simply gorgeous.

When mOm got the package in the mail she sounded so happy!  Fortunately it’s still wintery enough around here for her to enjoy it for a few more months.  I am quite pleased with myself actually.

Now, what to do for this Christmas?  As soon as my current shoulder sprain heals I shall get started early so that Christmas gifts will actually be under the tree instead of around Valentines Day!

Love you mOm!

Clapotis Knit-A-Long

I am starting a Knit-A-Long for the fun and easy Clapotis shawl / scarf starting on May 1st!

It seems the entire planet has already made a Clapotis, but if you are a rebel holdout like me or just want to knit another one please join us.

Please share this invitation to your yarny friends, we already have three members!

The pretty Clapotis pattern is here.


I started one last year but had to frog it, the skeins were flash-dyed and didn’t match!

My new yummy yarn for this Knit-A-Long is the color of buttery sunshine and sparkly with real silver thread spun inside!

I have never wanted Spring to show her sunny face more.

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