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The 6′ Shawl – Event Horizon Pi Shawl

I must be crazy but I joined a Knit-a-Long for Donna Druchunas’ Event Horizon Pi Shawl, a gorgeous creation in lace from her newest book Stories in Stitches 2. The shawl is circular and starts with a light center and ends in the deepest black. It is also an incredible 6 feet in diameter.

Photo courtesy of String Theory Hand Dyed Yarns

Photo courtesy of String Theory Hand Dyed Yarns

A great yarn dyer that Donna knows made up kits for the shawl project in hues of teal to black, red to black, purple to black and grey to black. Living in Fogland as I do, I decided I needed to make what I call the “Foggy Grey Matter” Event Horizon Pi Shawl. The yarn is simply gorgeous, it’s so extremely soft for sock yarn. If you can get your hands on some String Theory Caper sock yarn I would highly encourage you to do so. I can’t stop fondling the lace that comes off my needles.

Right now it’s the shape of a Rastafarian beanie and at 560 stitches growing larger by the day. I am almost done with the second of six skeins of yarn so I have a long ways to go.   I am knitting the larger shawl, at 6 feet in diameter, and the owners of String Theory did me a huge favor and sold me one of their test skeins of yarn so that I could have enough to knit the larger size.  They’re my heroes!  I feel quite honored to be able to make a unique shawl even more unique because of their kindness.

Foggy Grey Matter Pi Shawl

and a closeup:

Foggy Grey Matter Pi Shawl

This Friday through Sunday is Stitches West and I have a shopping list which includes buying up all the stitch markers in the joint, because the handful I have will be quite inadequate once I go up to the next chart in this project.  If you want stitch markers better get to the Market on Friday before me!  If you are going, let me know, we will be doing meet ups for tea and snacks whenever my ankle gives up, which will be several times during the day!

If you want to buy a kit to make yourself a shawl, go here.  It’s not too late to join the KAL on Ravelry!  I have a feeling I will not be finished by Pi day.

Can Knitters Save the World

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Think of all the people you know who create things with their hands. For the most part they are peaceful people who add value to the world’s beauty.

191(Me at Calico, knitting)

I found out today that there is a world-wide call for knitters to submit their work to an art project:


Cirkus Cirkör’s performance, Knitting Peace, weaves together questions about striving and knitting with breathtaking feats of circus artistry. Can striving in itself make a difference? Is knitting our way to peace possible?

To highlight these questions we literally want to knit our way around the whole world – 40 075 km (24 900 miles). And to succeed we need your help! To connect people from the four corners of the Earth, we are collecting white knitted pieces from all over. Many little acts of warmth and kindness can create the awareness necessary to making a difference.

Send your white knitted pieces to Cirkus Cirkör, and please take a moment to answer the questions below! Your contribution may be displayed in connection with one of our performances.

– Why do you knit?
– What are you striving for?
– Is knitting our way to peace possible?

Please send your piece to:
Fanny Senocq, Cirkus Cirkör, Rotemannavägen 10, 145 57 Norsborg, Sweden.
Don’t forget to include your name, address and phone number as well as your answers to the questions above. And we’d love it if you included a picture of yourself knitting!


What a fun idea, do you want to participate?

It is a nice thought, gathering knitters from around the world and having them focus on peace. Ravelry had over 2 million members a year ago, there are no doubt more people registered now, and even more who knit and crochet who don’t use this site. Imagine harnessing this creative power for peace.

I don’t have anything white to contribute now, perhaps I can make up one of my mini sweaters over the weekend.

20130301-201325.jpg(one of my favorites)

Whatever you do creatively this weekend, please think of peace while you do it and visualize over 2 million creative, talented people doing the same thing on our little blue marble we call home.

Here’s to peace on Earth.

Brain Hat Update, A Random Acts of Kindness and a KAL

I have been a little quiet lately, mostly not knitting or any other art projects because I have been very busy healing.
My doctor gave me the green light to start doing physical therapy to start walking!

It had been a long six weeks of not being able to put any weight on my foot or move my healing ankle but it was good for knitting when my brain cooperated.

(brain hat, cooperating)

Now, though, starting to walk with partial weight and using crutches has been a huge challenge. It’s a good challenge! I am doing really well. My surgery-repaired shoulder is not loving using crutches and this has been hampering my knitting in a big way. The faster I could get to ditching that crutch and letting my shoulder heal the better.

I did start pinning the miles of i-cord onto the brain hat, it is looking quite loby! Three-quarters to go!

(this is Quinn’s brain hat, lobes pinned in the front hemisphere)

I also wound up yarn for a new project, a Knit-A-Long for a beautiful lace weight shawl called Nadira.

(Tess laceweight Merino, a pretty color)

Some of my nice new knitting friends from Twitter invited me to join a KAL on Ravelry for the Nadira shawl and with their help and support I hope to be able to get through it. It’s is a beautiful design.

(a screenshot from the Nadira pattern)

My next step is to swatch the yarn so that I can use the best needle for the project.

In the midst of my hobbling around, piles of icepacks and resuming pain medication, ankle Olympics at home and at the physical terrorist, a truly delightful thing happened. A Twitter friend sent me a darling care package that she called “A random act of kindness”.


A bunch of beautiful stamps from
Greece, truly Hellenic post!


An intriguing little box was under the tidy wrappings.


Tucked away Inside were little gifts!


A complete set of crochet hooks in a pretty hand sewn pouch just for me. Now I can try to learn to crochet.


An aromatic bag of mysterious spices from Lemnos and a gorgeous sea sponge from Rhodes was inside the box as well as a delicious packet of toffee from London.

What a sweet thing for my new friend to do, and I cannot say just how much this delightfully unexpected gift lifted my spirits. Thank you, Laurentia!

It was just in time for my birthday and that is a bit of synchronicity. I am plotting a little box of treats I can send her in return from foggy San Francisco.

Please do chime in if you have a great idea.

Meantime I’m off to swatch and slap on some more ice. A quiet last weekend at home before returning to work on Monday stretches before me.

Cream of Chocolate Wings

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While I’m healing from surgery I realized my brain just isn’t up to any kind of complicated patterns but yet I crave the solace and comfort of knitting.

Behold the perfect answer to my needs: the Wingspan scarf. My new friend from Twitter, Carol-Alyce from Wales and my knitting buddy Chris from Vermont, were chatting about this pattern and Carol-Akyce shared a particularly beautiful one she made in a shaded black-charcoal-white Zauberball yarn trimmed in crimson.

It was so fun to explore on Ravelry and
see all the colors people had used to knit their Wingspans. My heart was smitten by Carol-Alyce’s though, and then I found Zauberball made a colorway of shades of chocolate yarn and ZING!

I treated myself to a small purchase from Simply Socks Yarn Co and it arrived my first day at home after my fab weeklong sleepover at D___’s – aka post surgery recuperation.


The Wingspan is very simple to knit, just garter stitch, and it is a truly beautiful and yet mindless pattern. I could knit this when cranky and uncomfortable from pain, on pain medication and half asleep. It’s perfect!!

After one day I had gotten this much done:


A close up of the fabric, the color changes in this yarn are gorgeous:


By last night I was done, with 7 1/2 pattern repeats. I found some scarlet Kauni 8/1 yarn in my stash and did a quick border to add a splash of brightness to the scarf, just like Carol-Alyce’s.

How I love this scarf, and so does my dear friend A___ whom I feared would never take it off when she helped bring my home from my post-operation doctor’s visit. It looked divine on her, and I’m hoping she will make one, or I will!

She took some pictures for me. Here is my new footwear for the next six weeks, and my pretty scarf:


And more…




I have already started a new Wingspan in Kauni 8/2 in EQ, the rainbow yarn, and it is so much fun to knit while watching goofy tv and movies while I’m stuck at home.


Knitting is such a relaxing activity for me, and yet it feels very odd to be knitting something that my darling Pogo hasn’t tried to lie upon or sniff out the yarn, I miss him so. It’s a good thing yarn is absorbent because I’m using it to sop up my tears that just flow and flow. The rainbow color shifts reminded me of the sweet poem about the Rainbow Bridge and so that’s what I’m calling it – Rainbow Bridge Wings, wings to help me heal my heart from missing my sweet Pogo.


I am just going to keep knitting simple projects like this one until I can finish the Clapotis and try not to think. The pretty colors are nice and distracting.

Here’s to another six weeks filled with knitting and physical therapy and more knitting.

Knitting “Recipes”

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Ever try to cook something and find you didn’t read the recipe well enough, and end up realizing you should have allowed more time, or started a day earlier, or purchased x, y or z from the store before starting?

Everyone has had that, “Oh, ugh” feeling, and it happens with knitting “recipes” too.

My pretty Cedar Leaves Shawlette is no exception.

Cedar Leaf Shawlette

I knitted the shawl body in a bang up fashion recently and have been having a ball adding the leaves along the edge, but somewhere along the line I had that dreadful feeling.

Gee, the edge of this shawl is awfully curly.  It’s stockinette, just how much blocking am I going to have to do to get this to lie flat?

(methiks to myself)

Curly edges, oh crap

Well, after I added all the lovely leaves, I started poking around Ravelry looking at the other shawls people had knitted from this pattern, and wouldn’t you know, I messed up on the first six rows of the knitting.  I should have knitted six rows of garter stitch, but instead I did six rows of stockinette.  The directions helpfully said:

Knit six rows.

Hmmm. Well, there we are.

So I decided at lunch today to pick up all the stitches along the curly stockinette edge and knit a few rows of garter stitch.  It took all of my lunch hour, less the time it took to eat half of a corned beef sandwich, to pick up the stitches and knit one row.  I know it will be worth it in the end because I wasn’t about to unravel the dang thing.

Next time, Heather, read the recipe better and do a bit more research on other’s people’s photos before starting a project….

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